West Australian Gourmet Truffles

Fresh Truffles

Stonebarn in Manjimup is a luxury Lodge as well as a 2,000 tree truffière.

All our truffles, both fresh and what is used in our products are premium French Perigord Black Truffle – Tuber Melanosporum.

Truffle season is from June to late August. Weekly truffle hunts occur throughout the season and we supply Truffle to local restaurants and retailers throughout Australia and ship truffles internationally including to USA, France, Hong Kong, China and Singapore.

The Truffle hunt occurs on average once a week in the morning and we endeavor to have our Truffles cleaned, graded, packed and shipped or delivered to you within the shortest possible time from harvest for maximum freshness, (you’ll receive them usually one – three days after harvest, depending on your location).

Our truffle products are available year round and all contain our very own French black truffle. We can ship worldwide and are actively looking for distributors outside of Australia.