West Australian Gourmet Truffle Products & Fresh Truffles


-How much is shipping for Fresh Truffles?

Fresh truffles are shipped at a flat rate of $9.95 Australia Wide using Express Post during the truffle season. 

Because truffles are fresh they should be refrigerated immediately.

Please ensure someone is there to receive your parcel

- How much is shipping for truffle products:

Truffle gourmet products are shipped at a flat rate of $9.95 Australia Wide.

Products will be delivered between 5 and 7 working days Australia wide.

- How do I know if my country will allow your gourmet truffle products through customs?

Because our gourmet truffle products are commercially packed in a HACCP certified factory with best before dates and under Australian standards, it is highly likely that your country will allow them to be delivered to you.  Having said that, we are of course unable to offer any guarantees in that regard.

- When do you ship?

We ship fresh truffle up from the farm a couple of times a week during truffle season

We ship gourmet products on the same or next business day 

- Are your truffles fresh?

Our truffles are freshly harvested and shipped world wide usually within 24 hours of harvest.

- How soon will I receive my truffles?

While we endeavour to ship within 24 hours of harvest in some cases we may not yet have harvested enough truffle to fill your order. In that case you will receive your shipment within 10 days of your order.

In Australia you will usually receive your truffles within 48 hours of us shipping them. Internationally we are achieving between 48 and 72 hours in most cases.

Truffle gourmet products will arrive between 5 and 7 working days after shipping.

- What should I do with my fresh truffle order when it arrives?

Truffle is best eaten fresh, the shelf life under ideal conditions is up to two weeks.

It is important to keep your new arrival dry. 

Please refrigerate your truffle immediately to keep it as fresh as possible.

A good idea is to refrigerate the truffle in a sealed container filled with rice.  

As an added bonus the rice will not only keep the truffle dry but will absorb the flavour of the truffle and make an ideal risotto.

- Can I freeze my fresh truffle.

While truffle is ideally eaten fresh - unused truffle can be frozen for later use. The trick is to then grate it onto your hot food in its frozen state to prevent a soggy truffle when defrosting.

- What if you can't supply my fresh truffle?

Due to the nature of farming and the fact that truffles are fresh and shipped immediately, there may be instances where we are simply unable to supply.  In those cases you will be advised within 48 hours of your order and issued an immediate refund.

- How do you ship in Australia?

For fresh truffle we will use Australia Post express post for retail orders and to closest major airport for wholesale orders, please ensure that there is always someone to receive your fresh truffles at your delivery address of choice. 

Gourmet products are delivered by courier door to door.

- Will you ship outside of Australia?

Yes we do. Because it is critical that truffles arrive fresh - we only use airport to airport couriers and will endeavour to get your truffles to you within 72 hours of shipping. While we do achieve this in most cases we cannot guarantee delivery times due to different countries having varying customs processes that are outside our control.

- Why airport only couriers for international shipping of fresh truffles?

In order to ensure your truffles are fresh on arrival, we need to be able to manage as many environmental factors as possible. Using airport to airport for international, means we can ensure that temperature and other factors are controlled.


We cannot unfortunately do that once the items leave the environment of the airport for their last leg of the journey.


We will ship to your nearest major international airport and you will need to arrange pick up from their nearest major airport. 

This is usually very easily arranged locally once you are contacted or use your waybill to contact the shipper on arrival in your country.

- Why do you sometimes not have stock of fresh truffles?

Truffle season is only 3 months per year usually from July to September.

- What if I am a restaurant, a chef or wholesaler? 

We cater for the industry - Please go here for more information

- What are your shipping costs.

For Fresh Truffles, we charge a flat rate of $9.95 shipping Australia wide for retail orders up to 500g. For international  417 USD to ship internationally to the closest major airport. 

Truffle Gourmet Products are shipped at a flat rate of $9.95 Australia wide.

- Can you ship to New Zealand or North Korea?

Unfortunately we are unable to ship fresh truffle to these two countries.  

- What currency do you sell in?

All our products are priced in Australian Dollar.

-What is the returns policy for your truffle products?

For Stonebarn truffle products, please contact info@stonebarn.com.au to arrange a replacement or refund. You must pre-pay all returns postage, assume any risk of loss, theft or damaged goods during transit.

We offer a 30 day money back guarantee including change of mind for truffle products. Refunds must be returned within 30 working days from the invoice date, in original condition and packaging with all accessories and contents.  In instances where products are found to be defective, Stonebarn will supply replacement product free of charge including return postage and handling. Stonebarn will not replace or refund products that have passed their use by date or been stored incorrectly.

Please feel free to send us any other questions you may have by contacting us.