At Stonebarn we are committed to supporting our wholesale customers both in Australia and world wide.  


In order to purchase truffle or truffle products at wholesale prices for resale or use in commercial situations such as restaurants, you will need to register with us using the form below.

Once you have been approved (usually a maximum 6-12 hour turnaround) we will issue you with your password so that you can view what product is available and at what price.


Truffle products can be shipped both Australia and world wide, year round - Product shipping costs will be discussed and optimised dependant on volumes.

During truffle season, Fresh truffle can be shipped Australia wide at a flat rate of $60 door to local airport and internationally at $299 to your closest major airport.

Shipping to your closest airport ensures your truffle is stored correctly throughout its journey to ensure it arrives fresh.

This means you will need to arrange to collect your fresh truffles from your closest major airport, this is done via our specialised shippers.

If you have any questions please email info@stonebarn.com.au.


Thanks for submitting!